Divorce Mediation Services

Divorce Mediation Services

Mediation Can Resolve Issues as to Custody, Alimony, Child Support and  Equitable Distribution.

Divorce is a traumatic experience for all concerned, particularly children. Persons who are contemplating separation or divorce should first consider Mediation as an alternative to an adversarial, litigated divorce.  Mediation is a non-adversarial and informal process for resolving disputes. Mediation is an empowering process whereby the two persons decide upon an acceptable resolution of the issues, rather than delegating that power to a judge or another third party.

What is mediation?

Mediation is for persons who want to move forward in their life rather than backward because mediation is the opposite of litigation or a trial. A trial is a re-creation of the facts, i.e. the parties go back in time to argue their version of the facts and history, and a judge or a jury decides the outcome. Mediation is the opposite of a trial: it is living in the  present and deciding to move forward with one's life, while acknowledging there are issues that need to be resolved in order that the parties, and the parties' children, may move forward into the future in everyone's best interest.

The mediator does not decide the outcome but rather facilitates the disputing parties,  whose sole objective is to create a mutually voluntary resolution that is mutually accepted.

In the family context, the mediation takes into consideration the best interests of the children, the parties themselves, and the new family structures. In divorce litigation, a judge decides these issues.

In Mediation, all of the decision-making authority is with the parties, not with a Court. It is for couples and parties who believe their interests are best served in making their own decisions as to what is best for themselves and their family, as opposed to having a judge or court decide what they think might be best. 

Mediation is the most empowering process to the parties because only they decide what is in the best interests of themselves and the children. Mediation enables the parties to more easily transfer and merge into new family structures because they have control of the terms accepted.  A Mediation can resolve issues of property distribution, visitation, custody arrangements, and financial support, and help prevent costly pre and post divorce litigation.

As your Mediator, Hope A. Lang will facilitate you with honest, caring mediation services, and if necessary and appropriate, will help you resolve the following, although not all inclusive, issues: property distribution, debt distribution, transfer of the marital home, alimony, parenting issues, and child support. Hope A. Lang has been a mediator since 1997.

From offices in Oradell, the law firm of Hope A. Lang, Attorney At Law, accepts clients for divorce mediation services from all counties in New Jersey.

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