Roy V.

In one word OUTSTANDING!!! 5 stars! If there were 6 stars Hope A. Lang would get it. I tried for 2 years what Hope A. Lang did in 2 months. She settled my case with fantastic results. Her hard work, dedication, and personal touch cannot be matched. I could not be happier with the outcome of my case. I highly recommend Hope A. Lang.

John G.

Great service she cares

Kathleen M.

Resident in Union County

"Hope A. Lang has been instrumental in a positive outcome when representing me at a litigation concerning employment law. She was the most effective attorney I ever met. The law firm I went to before her, told me I did not have a case. Hope delved deeply into the facts surrounding the termination and discrimination against me and agreed to represent me. I am so glad I went to her for a second opinion. She delved deeper and deeper into the facts and legal analysis, uncovering more and more to support my case. She was a skilled negotiator, and a pit bull master of the legal process.

What perhaps even meant more to me, was her depth of compassion and how supportive she was of me and understanding the stress I was experiencing because of my former harrowing job experience. No other lawyer would have gone into the depths. She was always professional and very patient in answering all of my questions and explaining things to me. I firmly believe that if I had hired any other attorney, the outcome would not be positive. The reason for this is that she delved deeply into my testimony, and then delved even deeper to find the truth. I would highly recommend Ms. Lang for your case as I know she will do the same for you. She spent many months on my position, again with a very positive outcome."

Sarah L.

Resident of Essex County

"I first heard about Hope Lang after reading an article that was in the Star-Ledger about her employment law practice. After being let go from my job at 7 months pregnant I sought out the expertise of Hope Lang to represent me in a litigation concerning pregnancy discrimination. I was very impressed with her knowledge on the topic and her determination to seek out all of the facts regarding my discrimination. She not only showed devotion to my case by continuing to use her knowledge of the law to extensively research and analyze all facts regarding my discrimination but she also showed compassion and took the time to answer any questions I had regarding my case. She continually kept me informed regarding my discrimination case and after months of representing me I was happy with the positive outcome. I would definitely recommend Hope Lang to anyone in need of legal assistance. Her expertise along with her compassion on seeking out the truth to help out those who have been discriminated against are wonderful qualities to have in a lawyer."

Joan D.

Resident of Essex County

"Hope A. Lang was the most effective attorney I could have. I rate her ten stars and express my sincere appreciation for her zealous and successful legal representation. She is experienced with a brilliant legal mind and is a very caring and compassionate person. Without Ms. Lang's expertise, knowledge, compassion, brilliant command of the legal system, I would, indeed, still be in a sorry state of affairs. I highly recommended Ms. Lang to all my family, friends, and acquaintances. Also, to anyone and everyone. The case was settled to my satisfaction; it was worth the wait. Although, I miss the "hustle/bustle" of my full time job, I am pleased with the outcome of the lawsuit. It gives me great pleasure to have my self-esteem renewed and to continue on with my life. Ms. Lang worked tirelessly for me and was always available to speak with me. I am grateful to Ms. Lang for her dedication to this matter; this is one experience in my lifetime that I will never forget."

Herbert O.

Resident of Morris County

"After I was turned down by a large employment law firm, I went to Hope A. Lange, Esq. She accepted my case and filed a law suit case based on age discrimination on my behalf. The case was settled to my complete satisfaction. I was very impressed with Ms. Lange's professional handling of all details and the ease with which she kept me in the loop on the legal technicalities."

Barbara M.

Resident of Bergen County

I was super pleased with the results of my discrimination lawsuit filed by Hope A. Lang. It was complex matter and I am convinced I could not have achieved better results with any other law firm. Ms. Lang is a master of the legal process, is highly intelligent and absolutely the one you want in your corner. She has a deep and broad legal knowledge and is a sharp negotiator. I rate her 5 stars and recommend her to anyone with employment problems. Moreover, Hope really cares about people and I knew she would leave no stone unturned to achieve the best possible results for me, which she did.

Ed L.

Resident of Atlantic County

Hope A. Lang filed a race discrimination lawsuit in my behalf and I was very pleased with the results. She is a keen listener and diligent in constructing a strong case against my employer. She is very compassionate and a good listener and I felt totally supported by her throughout the entire litigation process. I would highly recommend this law firm in any issues of employment disputes. Above all that, Hope is an outstanding person who you will be glad you have connected and partnered with. I went to other lawyers and they did not think I would be successful in pursuing my case.

Carol H.

Resident of Bergen County

With Hope Lang's intervention, our child was finally able to receive the services she needed to succeed in school. Her expertise, unwavering advocacy, and perseverance turned our child's life around. We are forever grateful to Hope Lang and would highly recommend her.

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