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Race Discrimination

Racial Discrimination may occur in any type of job description at any level of pay, in terms of not promoting you, not offering you the same opportunities and benefits as other employees, unequal pay,  being treated differently in terms of the quality and conditions of your work environment, job assignments, and wrongful termination.

Race Harassment

Race Harassment includes overt acts such as using racial epithets, or an employer's allowing the use of racial epithets by other co-workers, insensitive jokes, and more subtle hostile acts such as being treated differently in terms of the quality of the work environment that creates a hostile work environment. Racial Harassment and discrimination can also occur because the worker is in a relationship with one of another race, such as a Caucasian employee being harassed because she dates an African American, or because she has a mixed race biological child.


If you complained about race discrimination or harassment by your employer or other co-workers, or that you were being treated differently in terms of your pay, the quality and conditions of your work environment, job assignments, and then you were demoted, terminated, or retaliated against in terms of the quality and conditions of your work environment or job assignments, such as by having your hours cut, or your pay reduced, or your being assigned to less desirable shifts or positions, you may have a valid claim for illegal retaliation for exercising your civil rights.

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Hope A. Lang, Attorney at Law, represents employees throughout New Jersey in complex employment discrimination lawsuits. She accepts cases from all counties in Northern, Southern, and Central New Jersey and has locations in central, western and northern New Jersey to meet with clients. If you believe that you have been discriminated against due to gender identity or other protected characteristic, such as age, disability, pregnancy, race, religion, sex, sexual orientation or national origin, or in retaliation for reporting what you believed to be illegal acts of your employer,  she can help you. It is important to know your rights as an employee. 

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